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For Valentine’s Day this year I woke up a little  earlier than usual so that I could, rather than buying flowers, make my own roses!….out of bacon! I used bbq skewers, bacon, and some spinach and voilà… Bacon roses for my love. I wish I could have gotten a video of his reaction…he immediately ate one right off the stick. Bahaha…Priceless.

photo 1

pretty yummy looking right?

photo 2

the special breakfast…omelet complete with an edible arrangement and coffee!

Not that I don’t like to receive flowers on occassion…but to be honest I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of showing love and appreciation to those people who are dear to our hearts, but shouldn’t we do that daily? Plus, have you ever thought about where your flowers come from?

Did you know that most of our flowers come from Columbia and then Ecuador??? When I traveled to Ecuador several years back that was one thing that stood out to me…how cheap red roses were there and the crazy price that we pay for them here. If you’re interested check out this USA Today article here.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m getting at…but it was something I thought about a lot today, and even used for discussion in my Spanish classes. I brought in an image of one of Diego Rivera’s paintings to spark conversation and to hopefully bring some thought to the workers…creating the link between process and product. In many of his paintings, although esthetically pleasing and elegant, we are unable to see faces…as if to parallel the fact that often times the workers go unrecognized.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 8.36.10 PM

El vendedor de alcatraces, Diego Rivera

Anyway, I’m not trying to put a downer on V-day….my  point I guess is to just a simple reminder to be aware and to always be thankful for what we have in life. I am so thankful for my loved ones, and even though this holiday may not always bring out the best in people (I can’t help but think about all the chocolates, jewelry, and silly stuffed animals purchased today just for the sake of giving someone something) I am thankful that the holiday has brought with it  some reflection.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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Yikes!! How the time has been FLYING!!! I can’t believe we’re already into July. Life has gotten so busy lately, hence my lack of blog posts! Oops. Since the last time I wrote I have started a new job as a Day Camp Leader….which is fun (most of the time). I’ve had a little work drama as of late, though, and I am not really sure how the rest of summer is going to pan out….we shall see.

On another note, I’ve also been keeping myself busy searching/ making stuff for the new place (almost time to move in!!) Like, just the other day I lucked into a really nice couch for only 20 BUCKS! Not to mention the awesome tea kettle that I bought at a yard sale for a dollar. I’m on a roll! My Dad has even been helping me make some of our own furniture. I’ll post some pics of all that goodness later on!

Family things have also been good lately. My Dad celebrated a birthday last week, and since his birthday is on the 4th of July I couldn’t resist giving him a bucket full of fireworks.

Hope he doesn't mind me using this silly picture!

Hope he doesn’t mind me using this silly picture!

Anthony and I rode his motorcycle up toward Horsetooth Reservoir to watch the firework show….turns out we left before the actual show even started (oops), having been deceived by a neighboring town’s show. The week before that my Dad’s family was out visiting from Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas…had fun hanging with my cousins, doing rad things like going on spooky ghost tours!

Standing outside a "cursed", abandoned garage

Standing outside a “cursed”, abandoned garage

Fort Collins Ghost Tour

Fort Collins Ghost Tour


Okay, okay, enough with the updates and onto the craft project! I’ve been meaning to post this one for awhile actually. Anthony and I are planning on doing something similar for a friend’s wedding gift here in the near future. I made these photo canvas prints way back in May for my Mom’s birthday. They are very simple to make and will save you a lot of money compared to actually buying a photo printed on canvas.

Photo Canvas Print

Materials needed:

Photo of your choosing (in this example I used an 8×10 photo, but I’ve also done it with a poster size print and large canvas)

Canvas (sized to match your photo)

Mod Podge

Black Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Foam Brush

Newspaper if you’re messy like me!

canvas 1

Step 1. Paint the edges of the canvas. I chose black, but really you could use any color.

Step 1. Paint the edges of the canvas. I chose black, but really you could use any color.

Step 2. Apply Mod Podge to 1. Front of canvas. 2. back of photograph and 3. front of photograph once it's placed on top of the canvas.

Step 2. Apply Mod Podge to: 1. front of canvas. 2. back of photograph and 3. front of photograph once it’s placed on top of the canvas.

Once the first coat of Mod Podge was dry I applied a second coat to make sure the picture was sealed in nicely. It will look streaky, but don’t worry it dries clear!

Done! :)

Done! 🙂

What a great, easy, personalized gift, right?

Oh, one last thing I wanted to share. This last week there was a crazy wind/hail/rain storm at my house….but it appears that the weather gods were on my side! For years now our neighbor’s tree has been dead, but nothing was ever done about it. Well, during all the wind last week it finally fell over…luckily in the opposite direction of my car! I really just wanted to share. That’s all 🙂


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Happy Sunday! Can you believe this nice weather? I’m so glad it finally feels like Spring! Until I start my new job (next week!) I’ve been keeping myself busy with artsy/ crafty endeavors…which I’d like to share! Here’s a quick and easy necklace that I actually made my Mom for Mother’s Day last week. 

My fiance builds motorcycles (pretty rad right?) so lucky for me he has a bucket full of random bolts and washers. I helped myself to a nice, big, smooth washer and this project was born.

All you need is…

a washer

some kind of textured/ patterned scrapbook paper

necklace clasp

Mod Podge

a brush

whatever you want to make the necklace chain out of (I used hemp)


necklace 1


Cut out your choice of scrapbook paper to fit the size of the washer. Brush Mod Podge onto one side of the washer and then onto the back of your cutout, scrapbook paper. Place both Mod Podged sides together and then apply a coat of Mod Podge to the front of the scrapbook paper to seal. Allow it to dry. Next make your necklace and tie the washer on…I kept mine simple, but you could always get more creative and add some beads.


necklace 2



necklace 3




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I actually stole this idea from a friend of mine. She adopted a dog in Costa Rica and needed a quick, chewable dog toy solution on a low budget….hence this great idea! For a few weeks I too was blessed with an adorable, eager to chew puppy, and in need of a quick toy solution grabbed a pair of socks and a water bottle. If you’ve got a pup that likes to sink it’s teeth into things give this a try! I think they especially like the sound of the bottle crinkling between their chompers.


Materials needed:

1 or 2 old socks

1 recycled, plastic bottle





dog toy

….that’s literally all you need!!

lilo 5


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A few days late, I know…but I thought I’d still share! Here is the Valentine’s Day present that I made for my finance. He loves strawberries…so I figured, why not a bouquet of strawberry “roses”?? They’re pretty easy to make really! All you need is…

A vase

Wooden skewers


Leafy greens


sb before assembly


Step 1. Skewer all the berries!


sb assembly

Step 2. Arrange them nicely in the vase. Cover up the wooden skewers with some leafy greens! I added in asparagus for a little extra texture. Tada! Edible roses!!





All photos copyright of poursomeamor.wordpress.com

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School vacation in Costa Rica equals craft time for me!! Here’s a fun, crafty project turned into Christmas present!! All you need is bottle tabs, scraps of fabric and earring hooks, and vuala!!



Pop tabs

Ribbon/ Scraps of fabric

Super glue

Clothes pins

Earring hooks







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Drumming; metal drumming. Steady. Fingernails strumming; faster, faster.

Rain taps on the tin roof.

Soft ground.


Puddle jumping?? Rain boots? Check! Nice clothes?…

…mmmm, never mind.




Left. Squish. Right. Squish. Left Squish. Right. SPLASH.

UGH. Mudmudmudmuddy.

Tires rolling around, around in muck.

Eyes up, or eyes down.

Up or down, upordown upordown.

Battle of the eyes. Sigue adelante.

Left. Squish. Right. Squish.

Oye, macha!” Battle of the eyes. Left. Squish. Right. Squish.

Sigh. Roll my eyes. “Adios.”

Engine, rummmm, rummmm.

Ground vibrates.

Truck passing.

Bicycle passing.

Motorcycle passing.

Muddy river passing, flowing.

Birds chirping.

Rain drizzling; slower, slower.

Left. Squish. Right. Squish.

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