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Yikes! It has been an eternity (or at least it feels like it) since I last wrote a blog!! I have been busy, busy, busy since last August! People are not kidding when they say that grad school is a lot of work. Add teaching on top of that (which I’ve found that I really love!) and I have zero social life!! Haha I pretty much live at home, on campus, or in the yoga studio.

Looking back it really is hard to believe the greatness, as well as handful of challenges, that this past year has brought me and my family, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happens for a reason right? Here’s a little photo tour of the past year. Cheers to 2014!

Exactly one year ago I was still living in Costa Rica as a Peace Corps volunteer. The month of January saw me working on my favorite project…teaching English to 20 incredible youth who were selected to participate in the fully donation funded JumpStart English camp. One of my favorite memories was encouraging them all to participate in a little ‘strange thing’ called yoga! February brought with it many ‘see you laters’ as I made my way back to the U.S. to begin the next stage in my life.

Back home my main focus was on family! I love spending time with my Mom and am so proud of her!! We were all happy to see her finish her treatments, celebrate her 50th birthday, and to see her healing…the new year has even brought her a wonderful new job! Congrats Mama 🙂

I was also accepted to grad school at CSU and was offered a Graduate Teaching Assistant position where I am the instructor for an introductory Spanish class at the undergraduate level. I love teaching this age group! In March I celebrated another birthday and not too long after fostered an adorable puppy, but quickly learned how much work having a puppy is! Ultimately Anthony and I were unable to adopt her…womp womp.

One of my favorite parts of entering into the spring/summer season was becoming a working member at Native Hill Farm. I loved being outside getting my hands dirty and it’s definitely something I hope to do again!

number 3

This past summer brought with it more exciting life changes…Anthony and I moved in together! I loved getting the house all decorated and cozy feeling. One of the highlights of the summer was definitely our roadtrip to the Oregon coast. Can you believe that we (cough, cough…Anthony) drove all that way in one straight shot? Pretty crazy right?

August meant Anthony’s birthday and getting ready for grad school. I was able to get all of Anthony’s family and friends together to help me get him a Macbook Pro for his birthday and throw him one heck of a surprise party. It was great!! August also meant registering for classes. I took Spanish Word Formation and Morphology, Teaching Methodology, and Ethnopsychiatry and Spiritual healing.  Before the start of school I opted to take on a bootcamp…which was awesome! I felt so incredible after working out 1 hour a day for 6 days a week. Unfortunately, with the start of school came the end of my social life (and working out time), but I feel very accomplished after one semester. To finish the semester I turned in, among other things, a children’s story accompanied by a 100 page glossary of words (documenting etymology, definitions, synonyms, metaphors, you name it we included it!), and a 30 page research paper on Santeria in Cuba. The biggest reward of the semester, though, was to receive amazing compliments from my students….such a great group!

number 4

The holiday season was filled with many interesting stories to say the least. In November we celebrated my brother’s 21st  by taking him out to an arcade bar. In the same month my Dad was in need of TLC after going through a major surgery. Apparently 2013 wanted to go out with a bang (haha) because one morning I woke up to find that my car had been hit in the parking lot, the only evidence being $50 and a cop card left on my windshield….womp womp for November.

Sticking to the theme of 2013 going out with a bang, Anthony and I rang in the New Year right….coming home at 1:00 am to Izzy dashing out the front door….us chasing her around the buildings and trees hoping she wouldn’t dart into the road just as she booked it back inside our house… She loves to play tricks on us.

After a busy whirlwind of a  2013 a quote that I found fitting for 2014 goes something like this…my goal for 2014 is not to stress…everything will happen in it’s time…

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie ten Boom

Cheers to 2014!


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