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Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Annnnnnthonyyyyy! Happy birthday to you!!!

I think I almost had as much excitement/fun planning this special guy’s birthday as he did celebrating it! My heart feels happy.


About three months ago I started scheming…his laptop was stolen during the previous school year and he somehow needed a replacement…..hm….

I looked to family and friends for help, and amazingly after a little persistence and a few obnoxious, coaxing emails/phone calls I had received enough spare change to purchase his dream computer. A huge thank you to everyone that pitched in to make this all come together! Anthony had noooo idea.

We threw him a little birthday party with lots of good friends, family, delicious food, and plenty to drink. It was marvelous.

Yummy kale salad...the kale is from the farm where we volunteer!

Yummy kale salad…the kale is from the farm where we volunteer!

More veggies from the farm

More veggies from the farm


strawberry infused vodka

strawberry infused vodka

A friend making her famous egg rolls

A friend making her famous egg rolls



After lunch we opened presents…he says it still hasn’t really sunken in yet. I wanted to share some pictures from the party and a video that I took of him opening his gift!



From one of his buddies



And no birthday is complete without some cake…or in this case ice cream cake! mmmm…


Ohhhhh….and did I mention the other “birthday present”?…We adopted a kitten from the humane society! I’ve never been much of a cat person…but she is sooo gosh darn cute! Her name is Izzy…she’s snuggly, loves to play, and is always chattering away about something! Maybe cats are growing on me…


Meet Izzy!


All in all I’d say he made out pretty well for turning 27, wouldn’t you say??


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